miercuri, 28 aprilie 2010

What's wrong with being me?!

I realise just now that this is not my first blog...I had some before but then I just didn't knew what to write so I tryed to be someone else...actually to be more than ONE...and write some things just to make impression.
I don't know what exactly happened, but I think I found myself and now I know that it is not such a bad thing to be me and most of all to be a versatile person (because afterall this is the main subject of my blog).
There are many others out there that get the joy from many things and they don't "stand back and watch the same play". I like many things and I also don't like other things and I never tryed to find the perfect match, so that "the balance could be made"...I don't even know if there is a balance in my life, but I also think that it is not a disaster even if it's not well organised. I let everything pass as I am just a person from the audience.
To make everything much more clear, I can it is not bad, for example to be childish and also mature. Sometimes you need both. Because if you fall in one of these sides you can hardly come back to the straight line.
So this is the first reason why I had chosen this title of my blog...and I wanted you all to know what will be all about. A lot of mistery, games, facts of life, why not also cartoons and many more.
So I leave you for the moment...

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