vineri, 30 aprilie 2010

Soul - Confused?!

So I took another personality test...It doesn't surprise me anymore cause it's the same result. The test was called "What is your soul like?". And do you know what is my soul like?! CONFUSED!
I think this confirms again the title of my blog...

So this was the result: "Not to be mixed up with tired or destructive, you are a confused person who just can't seem to make up your mind. You really do like certain aspects of life, but you tend to focus on the negative. You like to try and occupy yourself, using projects, new ideas, things to do to fill up your time and avoid what's bothering you... After all, you get plenty of time to think about that before you go to bed. There are just certain things that bother you, maybe past experiances, dread of what the future holds, maybe it's just the place you are right now... You like to stick youself to something and apply what you've got as far as talents for it, though sometimes when it gets rough, you drop it and go on to something new, sporadically. You dislike most challenges and obsticles you deem unnessessary. You either give up far to easily, or keep going on even though you know it's not going to work. You enjoy the more artistic forms of life; be it painting and sculpting, to music and writing. You are very smart, though sometimes have trouble believing it. . . You have a hard time with self worth, though people recognise your talents every day. Live it up, you'll find the clearing through the mist."

So I ask myself again is it bad to be like this? As I said before there are many out there having trouble with this kind of personality or maby they just leav it "on the hands of time" just like I do....because if not, maby I could have got insane untill now.

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